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We’ve Moved!

We’ve Moved!  Come visit our new home. 


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Dom Goddess

Dom Goddess

Today the bi monthly coterie (minus one,) was at Lady Hotchkiss’ home We will be back on our regularly scheduled program after DomCon Atlanta.

Lady Hotchkiss loves to cook and if anyone thinks a Dom who cooks is a domesticated Dom, think again. She is the Queen of her domain. The kitchen is just one of her playgrounds, the dungeon is the other.

She made a salad with fresh crunch mix of apples, carrots, craisins, and radicchio. Dang woman pulled out a jar of homemade blue cheese salad dressing. It was fabulous.

Bless her heart; she forgot I’m one of the few people she knows who doesn’t like chicken. But that’s okay. I knew it was on the menu. It was good and I ate it.

For dessert, she made homemade strawberry ice cream and used whole milk. It was HEAVEN. I was lucky to get out of there before my stomach made me pay for it.

Her cats were hanging around. A big one was sitting on the kitchen bar stool. The other was lounging on the couch. Later on they lay entwined. I love cats. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to them. But that’s okay, too. I took a Benadryl when I got home.

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Easy Jalapeno Poppers Recipe Video by cookingwithcaitlin1 | ifood.tv

Easy Jalapeno Poppers Recipe Video by cookingwithcaitlin1 | ifood.tv.

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