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As the Pink Worm Squirms

As the Pink Worm Squirms was written for my bitch, pink twitch.

Mistress plots
As the pink worm squirms

She stirs the cauldron
and putters about
and the pink worm squirms.

She kicks pots and pans
looking around
and the pink worm squirms.

She finds the bat
but throws it astray
as the pink worm squirms.

She opens the fridge
pulls out salami
and the pink worm squirms.

She said, oh no
it’s tomorrow’s lunch
and the pink worm sighs.

She moves some bottles
Finds the eggs
Boils them up
and the pink worm squirms.

She ices them down
Peels off the shells
and the pink worm squirms

She pulls out the peanut butter
Coats the eggs
And looks at him with a gleam in her eye
As the pink worm squirms
The last squirm of the day.

The following morning
She checked his cage and
Made him an omelet with the eggs that he laid!

© Nikita 2009

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Lessons on Ass Kissing

My bitch pink twitch wrote a lovely essay on how to worship ass, MY ass.  I think it is a must read for aspiring ass worshippers.

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Dominatrix to report doctor -Telegraph

Marion Burton, dominatrix accused of blackmail but found not guilty

“I’m an ordinary woman, but it just so happens I’m a dominatrix.

via Dominatrix to report doctor for performing sex acts during her Botox appointment – Telegraph.

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S&M Haiku Challenge

Nod to Domina Dea’s Challenge


He gripped his ankles firmly

Uncut, thick, focused, filled, and fooled

Screaming that nothing was damaged.

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Fly by Hai – Haiku Challenge

Yesterday was yet another Coterie luncheon with  Lady Hotchkiss and Domina Dea.  The major topic of discussion was DomCon, where the three of us will be presenting.  If you plan to attend, please let us know.

Anywhoo, they had a grand old time teasing me about haikus.  Domina Dea had posted a haiku challenge and encouraged  me to post one too.  I’m not a poetry kind of gal but I couldn’t resist attempting something that seemed a bit complex at the time.

I wrote this sitting outside on the deck.  It is overcast and the color of the woods has turned from green to caramel.

Fly by Hai

The leaves are falling slowly
Summer flying by much too fast
Ice will freeze and sheathe

I owe one with an S&M theme. *shakes head*

If you want to try your hand at ‘simple’ haiku, check out these links,

How to Write a Haiku

and the results on an online International Haiku Competition

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Atlanta Gay Bar Raided

Atlanta Gay Bar Raided

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Pit Stop at Subway Subs

Some of you may not know, but I drove 8 hours on a trip that usually takes 6. Nothing bad happened. Alexis had to guide me the last leg of the trip to my destination via cell phone.

It was just . . . interesting. Let’s just say the worst part of the trip besides driving through 3 thunderstorms from Atlanta to Florida was stopping for a Subway Sub off an exit on I-65. It was somewhere between Cow Patty and the pig crossing 10 miles before the Georgiana exit.

The highlight would have been BamaSwitch standing on the side of the road thumbing for a ride. ‘-)

By then I had been driving 5 hours without a bite to eat and I had to fill up the tank with gas. There was a Burger King with a long line and a Subway Sub shop connected to the gas station where I filled up. Y’all know there’s a monopoly on gas station/Subway Sub stores, right? It’s the American Dream for the displaced Middle Easterners.

I’m not a fast food type of girl, but, in my mind, a sub was a healthier alternative to Burger King, plus there was no wait!

Little did I know.

The store had a country buffet in one corner, except there was no food, no staff, no lights. In the other corner, was a teeny tiny Middle Eastern woman who was shorter than me. I let 3 people go in front of me because I didn’t know what to order. All of it looked, bleh. I was starving, mind you. The sign said $5 for a foot long sandwich, so I figured hey, this is lunch and dinner.

Finally I ordered.

“Let’s see, a little ham, salami, lettuce, green pepper slices, no tomato, and little light mayo.

Then she threw on the bacon and cheese before she stuck it in the oven.

I said “NO BACON. Not on my sandwich.”

But it was too late. It was also the first time she looked at me. She stood with her arms akimbo with a blank look on her face that said “What?”

Meanwhile, her chaperon/gas station attendant/family member appeared from the gas station side. So what was I going to do?

I paid $8 for a $5 sub sandwich.

It was the second time she looked at me and I think she was expecting me to complain.

When I didn’t she said, “You added more things. I cut it the way you wanted, in three pieces. That’s all extras. That’s why it cost more.”


I went out to the car, ate one piece of the sandwich and decided I needed to visit that bathroom before I got on the road again. It looked like a bombed out bathroom you’d find in Beirut anyway.

No toilet paper, no toilet seat, no soap. I always carry that antibacterial gel, so washing hands was not that much of a problem. But, my lily white ass and the toilet? Fik no! So I remembered why my girlfriends and I did in high school one mischievous afternoon. We peed standing up in the urinal. Not a pretty sight.

What would it hurt?

Snaps to anyone who finds an appropriate youtube music clip for this episode.

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Urban Prose

Steps written by Wolffie,  acclaimed musician, artist, and writer, gave me hope that all of the bad patches we go through are steps to being in a better place.

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5 Incredibly Impractical Sexual Fetishes | Cracked.com

5 Incredibly Impractical Sexual Fetishes | Cracked.com.

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