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We’ve Moved!  Come visit our new home. 


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Postcard from Venice – Travel Vlog

Postcard from Venice – Travel Vlog

I loved California.  In June, I got an opportunity to tag along for a business trip to Santa Monica.  It was one of those days that was perfect, just perfect for a trip to Venice Beach.  Luckily, I had a little digital camera with video option.  The video quality is soooo poor, but dang, it recorded the sights, sounds, and outrageous characters that make up the boardwalk community.

[livevideo id=5F7B4A06E23A4FE58093108A8E07263C/1102336/postcard-from-venice.aspx]
Postcard from Venice

Music by the Eagles.

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Manic Monday

1.  What was one of your obsessions between the ages of 8 and 15?  Exclusions:  masturbation and candy

Dirty novellas and spanking.

2.  If you have a fetish, when did you discover you had it and what was it?

Shoes.  When I was very little my mom made a big fuss over buying me the right pair of white patent leather maryjanes to wear with my first communion dress.

3.  What’s a new addition to your bucket list?  Traveling to some Asian countries like Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, etc.

your turn

1.  What was one of your obsessions between the ages of 8 and 15?  Exclusions:  masturbation and candy.

2.  If you have a fetish, when did you discover you had it and what was it?

3.  What’s a new addition to your bucket list?

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Pit Stop at Subway Subs

Some of you may not know, but I drove 8 hours on a trip that usually takes 6. Nothing bad happened. Alexis had to guide me the last leg of the trip to my destination via cell phone.

It was just . . . interesting. Let’s just say the worst part of the trip besides driving through 3 thunderstorms from Atlanta to Florida was stopping for a Subway Sub off an exit on I-65. It was somewhere between Cow Patty and the pig crossing 10 miles before the Georgiana exit.

The highlight would have been BamaSwitch standing on the side of the road thumbing for a ride. ‘-)

By then I had been driving 5 hours without a bite to eat and I had to fill up the tank with gas. There was a Burger King with a long line and a Subway Sub shop connected to the gas station where I filled up. Y’all know there’s a monopoly on gas station/Subway Sub stores, right? It’s the American Dream for the displaced Middle Easterners.

I’m not a fast food type of girl, but, in my mind, a sub was a healthier alternative to Burger King, plus there was no wait!

Little did I know.

The store had a country buffet in one corner, except there was no food, no staff, no lights. In the other corner, was a teeny tiny Middle Eastern woman who was shorter than me. I let 3 people go in front of me because I didn’t know what to order. All of it looked, bleh. I was starving, mind you. The sign said $5 for a foot long sandwich, so I figured hey, this is lunch and dinner.

Finally I ordered.

“Let’s see, a little ham, salami, lettuce, green pepper slices, no tomato, and little light mayo.

Then she threw on the bacon and cheese before she stuck it in the oven.

I said “NO BACON. Not on my sandwich.”

But it was too late. It was also the first time she looked at me. She stood with her arms akimbo with a blank look on her face that said “What?”

Meanwhile, her chaperon/gas station attendant/family member appeared from the gas station side. So what was I going to do?

I paid $8 for a $5 sub sandwich.

It was the second time she looked at me and I think she was expecting me to complain.

When I didn’t she said, “You added more things. I cut it the way you wanted, in three pieces. That’s all extras. That’s why it cost more.”


I went out to the car, ate one piece of the sandwich and decided I needed to visit that bathroom before I got on the road again. It looked like a bombed out bathroom you’d find in Beirut anyway.

No toilet paper, no toilet seat, no soap. I always carry that antibacterial gel, so washing hands was not that much of a problem. But, my lily white ass and the toilet? Fik no! So I remembered why my girlfriends and I did in high school one mischievous afternoon. We peed standing up in the urinal. Not a pretty sight.

What would it hurt?

Snaps to anyone who finds an appropriate youtube music clip for this episode.

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I’m not a Silverado Kind of Girl.

We always rent a vehicle when we take a long road trip. With the economy being what it is, a lot of people seem to be doing that too. The price of renting vans and/or SUV’s are at an all time high. The best deal was on pickup trucks. We picked a BIG one, a Chevy Silverado. No problem. It was cool. I didn’t intend to drive it. Hubs always does. (pause) Not this time. I got left holding the keys. (gulp)

Give me a van, and I can tool around with the best of the soccer moms, but stick me in a big, four door pick up truck with a V8 and I’m a mess.

First of all, I’m too short. If I stand straight, tummy sucked in, shoulders back, I’m 5’4″. I should have put a pillow on the seat to see over the steering wheel. Still, it was okay. I added an inch to my vertebrae by stretching my neck.

I hate having to pull myself inside the cab by holding onto a handle. Sure the high heels help, but it’s hard to get a butt cheek on the seat no matter what I wear on the bottom. Come Monday morning, I have an appointment to see the doc about a pinched nerve on my right buttock.

The blonde spots, oops, the blind spots ARE dangerous! It’s embarrassing to struggle for 20 minutes to make a turn in a parking lot and realize it’s impossible! When I tried to back out, I just about hit four different cars! I was so frazzled I almost cried. I can’t go back to that restaurant ever again. They know my red hair.

On the upside, I didn’t have trouble with right of ways. ‘-D

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