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As the Pink Worm Squirms

As the Pink Worm Squirms was written for my bitch, pink twitch.

Mistress plots
As the pink worm squirms

She stirs the cauldron
and putters about
and the pink worm squirms.

She kicks pots and pans
looking around
and the pink worm squirms.

She finds the bat
but throws it astray
as the pink worm squirms.

She opens the fridge
pulls out salami
and the pink worm squirms.

She said, oh no
it’s tomorrow’s lunch
and the pink worm sighs.

She moves some bottles
Finds the eggs
Boils them up
and the pink worm squirms.

She ices them down
Peels off the shells
and the pink worm squirms

She pulls out the peanut butter
Coats the eggs
And looks at him with a gleam in her eye
As the pink worm squirms
The last squirm of the day.

The following morning
She checked his cage and
Made him an omelet with the eggs that he laid!

© Nikita 2009


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Friday Fiver

1.  What do you do on Halloween?  One of my kids always wanted to visit haunted houses in different cities.  We’ve gone to Savannah two years in a row.  It’s the second most haunted city in the US, if not the world.  I want to go to New Orleans next.

2.  What’s your favorite memories about Halloween?  I was in the 6th grade and sewed my costume, a cat suit made with leopard fur.  The tail was a bitch to make but I got a lot of comments on it.

3.  What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?  Halloween and the sequels  don’t count.  Dee Snyder’s Strangeland

4.  What do you put up as decorations, accessories, or something that signifies fall?  i.e. wreath, candles, special fall beverage, etc.  I used to put dried cornstalks on each side of my front door.

5.  Is there anything special you want to do or have on your bucket list for Halloween or fall?   Not really.

Your turn

Friday Fiver

1.  What do you do on Halloween?

2.  What’s your favorite memories about Halloween?

3.  What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?  Halloween and the sequels  don’t count.

4.  What do you put up as decorations, accessories, or something that signifies fall?  i.e. wreath, candles, special fall beverage, etc.

5.  Is there anything special you want to do or have on your bucket list for fall?

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Review: The Switch’s Dilemma

I feel very strongly about of the lack of information about switches.  I’ve been very vocal on several bdsm boards about discrimination, misinformation, and myths clouding our reputations as play partners.  My goal was to illuminate, demystify, and provoke dialogue.

The presentation was geared to dominants and submissives.  What a surprise.  With the exception of two people, the attendees were switches.  <Insert broad grin> It was a curve ball, but a pleasant one.  As I began the session literally straddling an invisible line, each face turned into expressions of recognition.   It was as if finally, we were on the same page but on different paragraphs.

ALL the attendees added their two cents worth and the time flew by.  We shared experiences and talked about solutions.   We became a small self contained support group.  I felt that all of us walked away with food for thought and discussion.   You can find my notes here:  Switches’ Dilemma

Any part of this attachment may be uses on two conditions:

  1. Do NOT change a word of it
  2. Any quotes, copies, or other representations must include the following attribution:  Nikita © 2009  http://nikita-the-writer.com

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Things Doms aren’t supposed to talk about.

One of my moderators at MDS, Minofsin, posted a very provocative blog this evening about Dominants.   I’m posting it here because I really like it.  Sometimes I feel that being a dominant is sort of belonging to a really cool club with a bunch of cool people and everyone’s nodding that it’s all cool, except for those times when you just want to be.

Things Doms aren’t supposed to talk about.

by Minofsin

You don’t see many Dominants willing to discuss these things in public. One of the interesting things about the Roundtable program that is running here in Chicago and the MAsT meetings are the first times I have actually heard Dominants/Masters complain about the petty shit we aren’t supposed to mention anywhere else. Ok, maybe you hear complains, but it’s usually made in jest. But to hear other Dominants talk about their issues and their struggles not just with their relationships, but their own internal issues is refreshing.

We’re not alone.

But again, it’s not always what it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get me wrong, unless I was seriously forced to at gunpoint, I’d never give this lifestyle up. It completes me in a way few others do. But there are times when I want to pull out what little hair I have left and scream to the top of my lungs, “I’m tired of being a fucking Dominant.” Some days, I only want to deal with myself and nothing and no one else.

If saying that causes some to shake their head and think (because of course no one would have the balls to say it) that I am not a “twue Dom” or that I am a “wanna be Dom” (as a foolish and insipid former sub once referred to me) then so be it.

The reality is nothing is perfect. When I was reading that other blog I referenced earlier, it resonated with me on several levels. Because some of what she wrote has been told to me, personally. We all have off days and off moments when we doubt ourselves and what we are doing. It’s just the slaves and subs seem to be more honest and open about it.

While I have not had any such thoughts in a while, now and then it DOES happen. As I am learning, it’s natural. It’s part of the process. Even when I was happily married (for like those 5 or 6 days — LOL), there were times when I wanted to run away. I Love my son more than anything else on this planet, but there are times I’d like to drop kick his ass into the next garbage truck. Don’t even get me started on my mother.

As much pleasure as I get from all of this, from time to time it can be a bit much, and it is. Then, just as quickly as the frustration manifests, it goes away and the regularity of my life returns. Which is why I always say, don’t act out of anger. Because when that anger go away, the only thing you are left with is shit.

We build up these relationships to be some sort of Utopian vision of domestic bliss, when the reality is they are just like any other type of relationship. Yes, they are wonderful, but they can also make one’s ass itch. The itching, however, is temporary. But if it is consistent, then there are larger problems.

I think we all need to vent and purge now and then. I hope I don’t get kicked out of the Dom Club for saying any of this, but it needs to be said. Behind all the bravado and all the posturing is most likely a Dominant who sometimes gets just as frustrated as someone on the other end of it.

It’s called real life. Something I think many people could learn.

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Introducing pink twitch

i am Mistress Nikita’s submissive.

The relationship is mostly on line but the Dominance is real, the submission is real, the activities are SO real.

i am not a new submissive, but i am still trying to understand myself. i am under the constant training and guidance of Mistress. The constant fear and glee of being exposed and going public and thinking about what SHE will come up next keep me on the edge.  It is HER presence, my submission to HER,  the control of  my orgasm, and the giving up of that control empowers me and in turn, gives more power to Mistress.

Occupation: serving HER, screaming in pain and joy; trying to make HER happy; Learning; finding out that being bratty or topping from the bottom are a certain road to hell; twitching and blushing…
Favorite color pink. My head is in pink clouds, my feet in pink socks, and my gaze turns to pink when transfixed by HER eyes…
Hobby: twitching

Mistress graciously invited me to post on HER blog: musing, poetry, reports, shenanigans…  I will kneel and thank her for allowing me to do this.

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Another Friday Five

1.  What did you regret that you did the last 5 years?  Wasting valuable time on meaningless drama that doesn’t mean shit to me.

2.  What’s your favorite pop song today?  Crazy by Gnarles Barkley

3.  If you could give your friend a birthday gift that’s meaningful to you, what would it be? Making them their favorite meal from scratch.

4.  What would you want for your birthday?  Exclusions: good health, winning the lotto, and common answers along those lines.   Go on a trip with Anthony Bourdain to a place that’s not so primitive.

5.  Who do you really want to say ‘Fuck off”  to, but can’t?  Exclusions:  boss, spouse, family members, political figures and economy.
People who intentionally and with malicious forethought, interrupt my conversation with them and don’t let me finish what I’m saying.  That makes me want to pick up a cream pie and shove it in their pie hole.  LOLOL

Your turn

1.  What did you regret that you did the last 5 years?

2.  What’s your favorite pop song?

3.  If you could give your friend a birthday gift that’s meaningful to you, what would it be?

4.  What would you want for your birthday?  Exclusions: good health, winning the lotto, and common answers along those lines.

5.  Who do you really want to say ‘Fuck off”  to, but can’t?  Exclusions:  boss, spouse, family members, political figures and economy.

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Lunch Bunch II: Conclave

Today, lunch bunch was at my house.  That made me happy.  We had the house to ourselves,  but since it was a beautiful day, we sat outside for a bit to watch some men cutting down trees in the woods.  Yes, there were cat calls, but not from the men.  *cough*

Lady Hotchkiss is just appalled that I’d call the three of us the Lunch Bunch.  She didn’t realize where I was coming from.  You should have seen her face.  {snicker}    Calling the three of us, Lady Hotchkiss, Domina Dea, and I the Lunch Bunch is a gross understatement.  Lunch bunch, just picture it.  What would we talk about, jello pudding recipes, the latest episodes of the Housewives of Atlanta?  Okay, scratch that last one.  I watch that show.   One thing is certain.  We have lunch.

Lady Hotchkiss really likes “the conclave.”  I had to look it up.   She might be on the right track.  The dictionary says, among other things, a conclave is a confidential or secret meeting. {smile}  Yeah, that’s what it was.

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Tales from the Whipping Post Reviews

Cover of Tales From the Whipping Post

Cover of Tales From the Whipping Post

Several of my friends have asked me where they can find out more about my book, Tales from the Whipping Post. It kind of confirms my theories about long profiles.   So for them and anyone else who is interested, the tales in this book are part of my journey into self-discovery.

The cast of characters expose their naivete or their brand of dominance. The stories are seasoned with humiliation, brutal domination, and the sweet surrender of submission.

The flash fiction bonus section was added in 2008. My favorite pieces to write are short, succulent morsels of hot, wet, sex, always humiliating and sometimes punishing. Yet, they leave the reader wanting more. That gives me great pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.

Tales from the Whipping Post includes but is not limited to the following codes: M/f. M/ff. F/f, D/s. submission, slavery,  consensual, anal, sex, spanking, whipping, moderate pain, humiliation, restraints, bondage, pony play, (piercing/tattoo) and real.

Reviews of this book can be found below  and on Amazon dot com.

I thank my editors, Peja Vukovich, M.M., and DD, for their guidance and encouragements.


“Nikita has once again stunned me with another superb story of hers.This one starts out at a mundane book club meeting of soccer moms,mundane indeed,but there are currents of kinkiness and eroticism underlying even this supposedly mundane luncheon.Nikita does an excellent,daring job of unveiling these underlying currents. “

“Lyrically and descriptive told with an economy that belies the scope and breadth of the humiliation and submission we are allowed to glimpse.”

“Yummy stuff, Nikita!  This is such a great line, “I bit my lip. Would she stop? No, thank God.”
The story is delicious. The relationship between the leading lady and her domme is very hot. It’s very easy to picture the scenes and savor them. Thanks! “

“Wonderful! Great details, excellent development of both the characters and the story line. The emotive descriptions help the reader delve into the action and the mind of the players. Encore!”

“Your style is one that is refreshing,and leaves one to believe there is more to cum. Keep that wonderful way you have of takeing a fact and making it so that everyone can understand it.”

“The style you write in is an unpretentious stream of conscience that is humorous, while remaining clear and lucid. I liked it. ”

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Urban Prose

Recently, Wolffie has sent me stories in short prose-like form that are really cool. He claims that the symbolism and insight goes into them just flows without conscious effort. They make me reflect. He’s posted a few on his blogs.

So it inspired a recent spate of poorly written kindergarten type lines from me. I think the Poetry contest poked me too. heh A few lines is all I can muster at a time.

This just a little something something I wrote to Wolff this morning. I call this type of writing Urban Prose.

Cup of coffee in my hand
Take me to the promised land
Where reason, composure, and civility
Would make the day easier for me.

And another non-nonsensical one I posted on Tamin’s page.

Fly by “hi”
In the air

My tight butt
can’t sit straight
in the chair

There’s no rain,
Just sunshine
If this don’t rhyme,
then I’m blind

or deaf

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

And one for Joy that’s on her page.

What joy!
She winks when she orders
She blinks when she’s ordered
She thrives
She’s ALIVE!

I also wrote one awhile back for my smartasskitten, but I can’t find it.

*Watch out SA. One will come for you one day.*

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Age is just a number

Today, like yesterday, was a beautiful, weather wise. The temperature was in the mid 80s, the sun was shining, and the air was dry.

Two days in a row, I saw a hawk in my back yard. He was HUGE. The first time, he perched on the deck for just a few seconds before swooping down on his prey. It happened so fast, there was no chance to catch him on my cell.

Today, while I sat on my deck, he was perched in a tree not 20 feet away. His gray, white, and black feathers were unmistakable. I watched him for about 15 minutes while on the phone with a friend. If I tried to take a photo, he would probably have flown away. I mean, how many times am I going to see something like that in my lifetime?

But that’s not the only thing that wow-ed me. This afternoon, as I was driving toward the UPS store on a busy 6 lane road, I saw a huge, helmeted kid riding a shiny red bike with high handle bars on the sidewalk. He stopped and looked both ways at the driveway entrance to a church. I was stopped at a red light behind another driver who was also observing this . . . big . . . boy who . . . was (upon closer inspection,) a white haired, stoop shouldered, weather-ed faced, obviously renewed, older man.

beatific smile

Wait! There’s more.

On my way back, while I waited to turn left down the road that led to my street, I saw a “blue hair” on the corner, sitting on a traffic yellow colored Vespa, fiddling around with something in her purse. She pulled out her lipstick.

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