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As the Pink Worm Squirms

As the Pink Worm Squirms was written for my bitch, pink twitch.

Mistress plots
As the pink worm squirms

She stirs the cauldron
and putters about
and the pink worm squirms.

She kicks pots and pans
looking around
and the pink worm squirms.

She finds the bat
but throws it astray
as the pink worm squirms.

She opens the fridge
pulls out salami
and the pink worm squirms.

She said, oh no
it’s tomorrow’s lunch
and the pink worm sighs.

She moves some bottles
Finds the eggs
Boils them up
and the pink worm squirms.

She ices them down
Peels off the shells
and the pink worm squirms

She pulls out the peanut butter
Coats the eggs
And looks at him with a gleam in her eye
As the pink worm squirms
The last squirm of the day.

The following morning
She checked his cage and
Made him an omelet with the eggs that he laid!

© Nikita 2009


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What Good Is a Horny Sub?

What good is a horny sub? by pink_voice  (more poetry, blush)

What good is a horny sub
When You made him so?

What good is a horny sub?
A slut willing to just about anything
Just to get a piece of action,
Some dirty fun too
So You can say: boo.
For Your own satisfaction.
“Prance some more
Until you get sore
Get a freaking habit
So I can nab it
THIS will be you habit:
Morning noon and night
You will take an imaginary wanking flight
And pray regularly for the sight of heaven
That how close you will get
The cage-stage is set
And I say snap it.
To whatever performance I have in store
And nasty tortures galore
Let’s see how far you will go:
Be a monkey and say moo
To my ho ho?”

But the fun thing is
Let’s not forget it, please.
For a subbie a boo is a greater boon.
Then the distant sound of loo.
Followed by nothing at all.

What good is a horny sub?
When a slut screams: may I cum?
That is so much fun
And You can laugh:
“you will masturbate some more,
you dirty little whore.
Or at least you can dream of it
All rightly placed
While all is being away snatched
“Here’s one to go!’

Hoping to hear:
Ho ho ho!
Go go go.
Subbie implores:
May I come phleeeeese.
“Oh, no. It was just a tease.”
You offer a solace:
“You thought this was a Pleasure Palace.
You can only work in one.
There everybody gets to come.”

What use is the horny sub?
They are so sweet to torture and tease.
Hoping for release.
And when the time comes
That horny slut is ready to rut
Just about anything
That has a butt.
(Washing machines, floors an legs:
And he begs!)

What good is a cumming sub?
It’s a sight for sore sight
It’s the sweetest sight on earth
An endless ride of moans and sighs
That makes it right!
Let’s not forget:
Afterwards there’s a toast and drinking!
Be careful to serve and no spilling.

What good is a cummed sub?
A becumed sub is great
But cummed subbie?
Is he worth anything until recharged?
Is he worth a whoopee?
Is the release a release damned?

OH what good is a horny sub?

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Urban Prose

Steps written by Wolffie,  acclaimed musician, artist, and writer, gave me hope that all of the bad patches we go through are steps to being in a better place.

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Stuck on You

It was uncut

thick and focused

gripped ankles

planted on the floor



the feeling of fullness

time stood still

nothing was damaged

just my self esteem

not really . . .

Your slut femme

copyright femme 2009

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Urban Prose

Recently, Wolffie has sent me stories in short prose-like form that are really cool. He claims that the symbolism and insight goes into them just flows without conscious effort. They make me reflect. He’s posted a few on his blogs.

So it inspired a recent spate of poorly written kindergarten type lines from me. I think the Poetry contest poked me too. heh A few lines is all I can muster at a time.

This just a little something something I wrote to Wolff this morning. I call this type of writing Urban Prose.

Cup of coffee in my hand
Take me to the promised land
Where reason, composure, and civility
Would make the day easier for me.

And another non-nonsensical one I posted on Tamin’s page.

Fly by “hi”
In the air

My tight butt
can’t sit straight
in the chair

There’s no rain,
Just sunshine
If this don’t rhyme,
then I’m blind

or deaf

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

And one for Joy that’s on her page.

What joy!
She winks when she orders
She blinks when she’s ordered
She thrives
She’s ALIVE!

I also wrote one awhile back for my smartasskitten, but I can’t find it.

*Watch out SA. One will come for you one day.*

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